Jesus(Yahshua) probably wasnt 33years old

Herod the great was the governor of coelesyria as at the time of Jesus(Yahshua)'s birth. He was the king whom the Magi visited on their search for the baby which was born. The Herod at the birth of Yahshua(Jesus) is not the same present at his death. The Herod that ordered the killing of the of the children under 2years is called. Herod the great or Herod son of antipater. When he waited for the return of the Magi and weren't forth coming he order the killing of children under 2year. History records that he(Herod the great) died on September 3rd 4bc. He must have ordered the killing before his death. The ancient Hebrew people starts counting age from conception. So when we are counting 1year with our modern counting system, they are counting 2years, and that's the reason the reason why Herod 2years and below as the age range. So Yahshua(Jesus) was born in 4BC, which when added up till 33AD give us an age of 37 or 38years, which is against popular believe that Yahshua(Jesus) lived 33years. This confusion prompted me to on a little research in the bible about the age of Yahshua(Jesus) and then I discovered that their no Biblical record that he lived 33years. Now how did the theory of 33year come into the play??. Record has it that he died in 33AD which is probably correct because Roman history has it that Pontius Pilate was the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD 26–36 . So people just jumped to the conclusion that he was 33years old since he died in 33AD. Another assumption you probably didn't notice. More are coming, we have a working theory about the date of his birth


  1. I've never heard anyone say Jesus was precisely 33 years old at his death. I was born in a Christian home and have been a believer and a student of the bible literally all of my 44+ years. 1) The precise age of Christ at his death is not relevant to any doctrinal point. 2) We assume from clues given in the bible that he was "about 33 years old" or "in his thirties."

  2. 33 years is part of prophecy in Isiah, written 800 years earlier.
    Based on Jesus testimony in the Acts of Pilate absorbed into the Book of John, John 57, has Jesus answer the Sanhedrin with a double Amen, A sworn truth from the "Rabboni" that he is almost 50 years old at death.
    This coincides with a reasonable age and date when tied to James taking over the Church of Jerusalem, and the Battle of Beth Horan...the 9-11 of the time.
    With the era and writing of the King James Version, some 30,000
    changes occurred, and Historical and Jewish content, has been changed.


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