immanuel is not yahshua(Jesus)

We sing it in songs on daily basis, its a popular believe, but how true is it, we find out from the scripture. Many will find this shocking while many others will total discard this topic "……
[Mathew 1:22-23] quoted a prophesy in the book of Isaiah and related it to Yahshua(Jesus). How true is that? Who is Immanuel?, well lets find out from the horses mouth, lets see what Isaish has to say.
   [Isaiah 7] ………
After reading that passage you find out that prophesy was a consolation to Ahaz son of Jothan king of Judea(one nation from the divided Israel) for two other kings Rezin king of Aram and Pekah king of Israel teamed up against him, a force he could not stand. He panicked and God through prophet Isaiah consoled him and predicted the fall of Aram and Israel. God gave Ahaz a sign which he was to witness. A maiden will give birth to a son, before he know to differenciate between good and bad Aram and Israel will fall. NOTE× this prophesy was to happen in Ahaz's life time for it was a sign given to him which he is to witness. The king of Assyria over power Aram and israel.
    Well from Isaiah 8 we discover that that child was actually born to prophet Isaiah and the prophesh was truely fullfilled for Isaiah 8:3 was still talking about the same boy(Immanuel).
Another great point to be noted in the prophesy of Isaiah about Immanuel is the diet. Immanuel as written in [Isaiah 7:15] would eat only honey and curb but Jesus(Yahshua) eats everything pure [matthew 11:19].
  This Immanuel was born during king Ahaz for according to the book of [2kings 17: 1-6] Hosea was the last king of Israel and he reigned for 9nine years during Ahazs time before the king of Assyria invaded and captured the land, fulfilling the prophesy of Isaiah.
   And as for the virgin birth, it could be translational, language or intentional error. For some writers misplace the word maiden as virgin. So when that word is used in the bible passage it may/might not neccessryly mean girl without sexual intercoarse. It may also mean a young girl or a lady who is yet to be married or even a young lady.
Tho sometimes biblical prophsies happen in twos but this prophysy about Immanuel has no relationship with the life of Yahshua(Jesus).


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