mission of man on earth

This article can also be titled "the mission of man on earth" or even "summary of the bible" but whichever way it is generally talking about creation and the will of God for man. We have read the story of creation in Genesis but I will like to throw more light on it based on my research and revelation.
   "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" {Genesis 1:1} and that is/was a full account of creation.  God created a perfect world -sinless, no rebels, Lucifer himself was placed in control of the affairs on earth(Eden). That single verse summarized God first work of creation, from the second verse till the end of creation (as you know ) is recreation after Satan's rebellion, before that God created the world and laid it's foundation {job 38:4}. God placed lucifer(Satan) in charge of the affairs(governance) on earth(Eden) {Ezekiel 28:13} and it remained that way -for how long?- I don't know, there is no scriptural record to deduce how long the world stayed in this state. Sometimes Archaeologist would dig up things that date back to millions of years while our Jewish brother say the world has existed only about 5700 or thereabout. This article is reconciling both, for the Jewish history can calculate time only roughly from the time of Adam just as we read 2017AD, but the time before the rebellion of Satan is unknown, so when Archaeologist discover things that dates back to 3million years it could truly be possible for earth has already been inhabited before the rebellion of Satan and recreation.
  So everything well with Satan being loyal to God until pride surfaced and the once adorable cherub became a traitor. The diamond turned brass. Satan prided in his beauty and perfect nature and thought to himself that he was worthy to be praised and worshipped just like the Creator. The position assigned to him became too small__that he thought __ well that wrong assumption really caused him a lot. When he attempted to get to the height(throne) a fight ensured and he(Satan) was subdued and sent down {Isaiah 14:13}. He pulled like ⅓(one third) of the angels (those he convinced, those who supported and believed in his government) with him when he was hurled down. Their falling caused the darkness, void and unleveled ground as you see in {Genesis 1:2}…for how long was the world in this shape?? …NO IDEA …there is no record for that. All I know is that God began is work of recreation as recorded in {Genesis 1:2}.
"Now the earth ~WAS~ formless and empty"(NIV)  in the new international version(NIV) bible there is a cross-reference for the capitalized word(WAS) in the above verse {Genesis 1:2} which is "or possibly became". The world has not always been formless it came to that state when the rebel were hurled down.
  A quick look at Book1 CHAPTER1 SECT1 of "THE WORK OF JESEPHUS". After the separation of light and darkness Josephus recorded that "there was evening and morning the first day but Moses called it one day". After that evening and morning was indeed one day,  the beginning of a new era,the first day of our era, but not the first day of the world. 
     So God began is work of recreation Genesis 1:2 he made light, dry land, sun, moon, living creatures(water, land, air) and finally he made man and then rested on the seventh day. I can't say for sure if their were any living creature in the destroyed world(before the rebellion) but I think there should be creature which Satan was governing when he was still loyal to his master(the Creator) I just cqn say more. Archaeologist say they discovered the remains of some animals that lived some five million years ago. In as much as I can't tell you this is true or false I still hold my believe that if these discoveries were actually made and rightfully dated then they must have existed during the ancient times(before the rebellion).
After the creation of man,  God put him in position of rulership, God gave him command over all other living creature. He was to govern the earth same position Satan lost on account of his pride. Satan who was roaming earth was not happy about the development. One notable similarity between man and angels is the ability to choose,  both man and angels posses the ability to make choices, but one unique ability is repentance, only man is given the opportunity to repent(change his ways) when he goes wrong. God loves a service of free will, he doesn't force anyone, you are given an opportunity to choose then an advice to make the right choice.
Same opportunity was given to Adam and Eve in the garden. All the fruits and trees in the garden was given to them as food except one(1)  they were adviced not to eat of it. However,  Satan brought-in a second suggestion, a technique that worked and has ever after been working in his favour, he speaking through the serpent made Eve doubt and despise the Creator advice,  she fell for her smart tongue and ate the fruit.  NOTE -nothing happened ……yea I think So……till Adam ate his own quarter of the fruit given to him by his wife. Adam was not deceived ………Paul!!
  AFTER Adam are the fruit they duo made there first discovery, they discovered that the were naked, they sourced for clothing.  When the Creator can for a walk with Adam(which was customary), Adam wasn't feeling worthy enough to present himself,  he hid and when the Creator enquired why!!, he knew that they have sinned {Genesis 3:8}. I don't know if it will correct if I say it's hereditary cause when the Creator enquired they started casting blames. In many scripts that story is titled "the fall of man".
However, God in his infinite mercy started a plan of redemption. He made a sacrifice at the alter {Leviticus 17:11} and covered them (Adam and Eve) with the skin {Genesis 3:21}. He removed Adam and Eve from the garden So that they won't eat of the fruit of life and live forever in sin. NOTE:: the garden of Eden is located here on earth, even the three named river that waters the garden is here on earth.
  The gate of Eden was shot(closed). God made a plan to enable man get back to the garden. A sin free man must die to attone for the sin committed in the garden. That sin free man would be able to open the gate of Eden. And all those who lived according to the stipulated laws and commands will enter back into the garden in the last days. Everyone is here to live his turn,pass his test and run his race. Everyone is given a chance to where he wants to be. Make the right choice.


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