obedience and blessing

________Obedience______Every bible reader must have read about Adam and Eve and their stay in the garden of Eden. we have heard it over and over again from bible stories, television, preacher, the Bible itself, radio, etc just name it. So   am not here to retell that stories rather I want to drag/pull your attention to a lesson you probably didn't take note of. Straight to the point. . .  God created everything, planted a garden and put man in charge, to take care and control everything in the garden. A perfectly made garden with thousands if not millions of different types and species of fruits and trees. Everything was to be under man's control the trees, the animals, the bird, everything. God said man(Adam) may eat of every(all) tree in the garden except one{1}, just one{1}, ×the black spot×. Eat all but one{1}. *Let me ask a question*, what stopped God from that one{1} tree from the garden?  Yea!  Maybe just replant it somewhere outside the garden. Nothing that I can think of, but he left that tree there for a purpose,the tree had and assignment, to test there obedience to God word. Many biblical characters pass through similar test, some gained a pass mark which in turn earned the blessings while others lost Thiers which resulted to curses as we see in Adams case. Abraham was blessed down to his generation(descendants) for his obedience to Gods word. For it is only a man with great faith in God will wholeheartedly want to sacrifice his son at God will. Just that single act of obedience got Abraham blessings without measure.                 Do you think God is wicked to give laws and conditions?, for even in cases where He{God} could easily by-pass those laws, he still gave laws. In Exodus, during the tail end of the Israel stay in Egypt, God commanded the Israelite through moses to kill a lamb and put the blood on their for post[Exodus 12:7] so that when He sees it He will passover them without bringing destruction. Was the blood for identification? Was it to tell Him where the Israelite lived? NO!!
thats another test of obedience. If God needed the blood to know the residence of the Iseralite who the identified the first born of the other houses without blood on thier door post. God wanted to know those who would heed to his commands and instructions. Even some the Egyptain that obeyed the commands were saved. Another case of such tests is recorded in [number 21:4-9] when the Iseralites angered God and he sent venomous snakes to them. When they understood thier flaws and asked for forgiveness God did not just send the snakes away neither did he remove their poisons, which nothing would stop him from doing, but he wanted to test their obedince, look and live, if anyone bitten by the snake looks up to moses's bronze snake he/she would live. One thing i am preety sure is that some people died from those snake bites because the didnt want to be submissive to the government of God headed by moses. Gods way differ from that of men, so when give commands if may not go down well with us but blessing come when we obey those command. Hence comes the adage "their is no testimony without a test.


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