the law never changed

Same God yesterday, today and forever. We all know that, we recite it almost on a daily. The truth in those words can be felt around us, for example, God(YHWH) gave the sun and the moon some set instructions and ever since their creation, they still obey those instructions, never deviating from their functions. The sun shine in the day and moon at night. The same God, same Creator gave man the manual of life(the laws) and somewhere along the line man ditched that manual with claims that it is outdated. Little wonder the reason why earth is recorded as the only planet in rebellion. Not the trees, nor the lions, nor the seas not even the land are the cause of the rebellion, it's man. Why?? Because he has forsaken the everlasting covenant and has ignored the manual given to him by his Creator. DID JESUS(YAHSHUA) CONDEMN THE LAW? Many preachers speck loudly saying the law is no more, that Jesus has died and taken away the law. They proclaim these words to thousand of people and they believe....hmmm....they believe whatever the preacher says without through their bible to confirm if what the preacher is saying corresponds to what the bible has to say, hardly do they want to learn. There is a guide I use to dictate false preachers/teachers, that guide is in {Isaiah 8:20} . Still on the topic, some people say Jesus(Yahshua) abolished the law and his death on the cross means the law has been fulfilled So their is no law for them to keep. Let's see what Jeses (Yahshua) has to say. In {Matthew 5:17-20}, Jesus(Yahshua) boldly disassociated himself from any story about abolishing the laws or the prophets and even went further to condemn anyone who would try to change even a word in laws, saying that such a person would be the least in the kingdom of heaven. One thing I have come to understand is that people don't really read their bible that's why a preacher would pick one verse and speck wrongly on it and they believe …yes… because their is no better way to explain the situation, nobody who reads the above bible passage would still stand and say Jesus(Yahshua) abolished the laws. And even from the account of Luke in {Luke 18:18} when the rich ruler came to Yahshua(Jesus) and asked what he shall do to inherit eternal life. Yahshua(Jesus) replied asking him if him if he knows/keeps the commandments. He even listed a few for him. DID PAUL CONDEMN THE LAW? Speaking about Paul, I would like us to analyze something, actually a portion in Galentians {Galentian 3:10}. "All who rely on observing the law are under a curse, for it is written, CURSE IS ANYONE WHO DO NOT CONTINUE TO DO EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF THE LAW" {Galentian 3:10}. This passage in galentian refers to {Deuteronomy 27:26}. Let's understand that passage {Galentian 3:10} the capitalized part says you are under a curse if you are not observing the law, while the first part suggests that you are under a curse if you observe the law. The writer/intepreter is trying to equate the two statements which didn't really work out well..for the first statement suggests DISOBEDIENCE as freedom to curse and the second suggests OBEDIENCE as the freedom to curse. In times like these I remember my guide {Isaiah 8:20} and that will show you which of the statements is wrong. NOTE:: the bible did not fall from heaven. It is a collection of many writings, written in many years by many writers. The original writing language was Hebrew for the Scripture and Aramaic for the Gospels and epistles. It was translated from it's original languages to different languages by different translators at different times. From Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English etc. Some errors should have occurred either language error, intentional or misunderstanding. So am not going to blame it on the writer or intepreter of that verse. Also in some of Paul letters you find statements like "THOSE WHO KEEP THE LAW ARE UNDER A CURSE". how true is that? when you obey the constitution of the united states you are a free citizen entitled to all your rights but when you break the law of the united states and the court finds you guilty then you are under the law. What am saying in essence is that the people under is the people who break the law and not those who obey and keep it. CONCLUSION Referring to the law given to Moses in the Scripture as the law of Moses is not ideal. God(YAHWEH) gave Moses those laws to relate to the children of Israel, to relate to us, to relate to all who would worship him. The law remains the law of God to man, a manual of life. Even those who claim that the law has passed away would not support stealing, fornication, adultery, murder, disobedience to parents, injustice what even worshipping other gods. So what else is this law that the claim it has been abolished? The appointed times( Sabbath, new moon, Passover, tabernacle etc). You can't observe half and say the other half has been destroyed, remember {Matthew 5:18}. Not even a single stroke would be removed …………words of the teacher.


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