TITHING- the key to unlocking financial blessing

Firstly I would like to explain the concept of tithe. Tithe as the Scripture makes us understand is a tenth of all your earnings within a particular period of time. It could be weekly, monthly or even yearly depending on the nature of business(work) you operate. It is unequivocally 10% of your earnings within your agreeable space of time. Tithing has been in existence long before Moses made mention of it in the wilderness, I think the first scriptural record of tithe should be {Genesis 4:3} when Cain and Abel brought their offering, then Abraham in {Genesis 14:20} etc. Now having explained that I would like to share the benefits of tithing. There are three types of Tithe. First one is the normal Tithe you pay on everything profit you make, these Tithe is payed to the levies who inturn pay their Tithe to the high priest<<[you will get more details on that in the later part of this article]>>..... the second type of Tithe as mentioned in the Scripture is a Tithe payed every three years {Deuteronomy 14:28}, these Tithe is payed either to the levites, the less privileged or the poor, it is used to help those in need. The third type of Tithe is actually used for the feast, you save up money to be used to celebrate during the feasts. Tithe like all of YAHWEH's(God) commandments has some blessings attached. In Malachi 3:10 YAHWEH(God) stated the blessings that will befall all those who pay their tithe, the blessings even come with a challenge "test me in this, and see if I will not open the flood gates of heaven and pour out So much blessings…". Tithing is a one way pass to financial breakthrough. It doesn't matter who to are or what you do, when you Tithe the blessings attached to tithing will get to you. God is always faithful he keep his words to the later. Tithing doesn't directly affect your inheriting the kingdom of heaven at last, tho it may affect it indirectly because one sin leads to another. But Tithe is one of the commandments of God(YHWH) that their rewards are given here on earth. For truth every law of YAHWEH(God) comes with a blessing and a curse. To those who adhere, blessings are inevitable but to those who despise the law, punishment is becomes their land mark. Same principle is applicable to tithing, blessings for those that are faithful and to those that are not the get the opposite. Another huge advantage of tithing is planning. Tithe usually go a long way to teach us planning. When you extract the 10% of earnings you must have made a mental picture of how to displace the remaining 90% and that is called planning. Planning is really very necessary in all our day to day activities. If you really wanna succeeded you must have a well laid plan, hence the saying "if you don't have a plan the you plan to fail". Who own the Tithe? Who should we pay our tithes to?. Lately this question have been causing a lot of sensation on some part of the internet. Tithe belongs to God(YHWH) {leviticus 27:30}. Remember mentioned three types of tithes earlier?. I will be answering the questions on this paragraph based on the first and standard form of Tithe. It is payed to the levites{numbers 18 : 24}, the levites will then pay their tithes to the high priest and So was during the temple days in Jerusalem. Now their are literally no levites nor priest in this era, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay your tithes. Now who should I pay it to? The levites are the are the servants of God(YHWH), and today you have people who are cause servents of God(YHWH) ie the pastors. You can pay your tithes to them. Forget about what they do with it, that there business with God. But if by any means you cool with paying your Tithe in a church then you can give it to the less privileged, just remember to say the prayer as writen in Deuteronomy 26: 13.......


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