yahshua(jesus) is not God

It's quite common hearing people address Yahshua(Jesus) as God(YAHWEH). They argue with seriousness and sincerity. I have heard powerful preachers say those words with So much authority. I was with some friends some months back when this topic broke out, majority in our mist took side the sides that supported the motion. But the fact that multitude assumes that Yahshua(Jesus) is God(YAHWEH) does not make it the truth. Hence I am writing this article to correct that impression.
When he was calling(choosing) his disciples, he said "follow me". Follow me in that context literally means follow my way of living, my altitude, my teaching, my format etc. And that was one of his major objectives on earth, to show us how to live according to the principles and stipulations of YAHWEH(God). And he fulfilled that part of his life excellently, having done that he expects us to follow his footsteps and live excellent and rewarding life. Now if he(Yahshua) is God (according to what some people are made to believe) and lived on earth flawlessly and now expects us mortals(men) to also live a flawless life, then that wouldn't be justice. Let me take a more literal example: My teacher scatters broken bottles on a balcony and walk through the balcony wearing a tough boot, then tells me to follow bare footed. What will you say of such a teacher, wicked, heartless, selfish, inhuman?. Which ever one you choose to call that teacher you will be basically correct because every good teacher teaches by examples. Yahshua(Jesus) was born to teach us how to walk according to the stipulated laws and principles of the father, the Creator by his way of life. For it is written that Yahshua(Jesus) would save the world from sin, how is going to do that through his way of life. When you look at his way of life, the laws he kept and his teachings then you are bound to be where he is in the end of times. The teaching that Yahshua is God only used to pull down your morale, for when you think he is God you assume that it is impossible to live the way he lived, morally right, spiritually fit and always communing with God are fates you can achieve when you live according to his teaching.
  Yahshua's comment in {john 5:19} shows a clear separation between the father and the son. Also when Yahshua(Jesus) came to be baptized by john the Baptist, the holy spirit descended in form of a dove and said "this is my son in whom I am well pleased"{Matthew 3:17}…who was talking then? …sure enough it was the Creator.
  When he is called the "son of God" people tend to misinterpret if, well which ever way you see it Ephraim was also called the son of God {Jeremiah 31:9}… also according to {Matthew 5:9} Son of God is a title/name for the peacemakers.
    Now let's understand the whole story.YAHWEH(God) created heaven and earth and all that is in it including man, he created man in his own image and likeness to rule and govern in earth and all that was created in it. God placed man in Eden with all it's glory. God gave man a law {Genesis 2:16 and 17} probably to test his obedience ~~READ MY ARTICLE ON OBEDIENCE~~ for nothing stopped God from removing the that tree that bringth knowledge of good and bad from the garden. According to the Biblical story man fell and was banished from the garden So that he would not eat from the tree of life and live forever in sin. After God put man out of the garden he began to plot a coarse for redemption, a righteous man must die to atone for the sin committed in Eden. For man to be free a price must be paid by one of it's kind, so as to enable men who lived in accordance to the Biblical instructions(laws) get back into the garden.
   Yahshua(jesus) was was born like everyone of us, his destiny was to pay that price. He actually did it on Calvary.  And by looking at his way of life (the life of the Lamb, the life of obedience) we would be saved from sin.


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