yahshua(Jesus) probably wasnt visited by three magi

there is another wrong assumption I noticed. The believe that Yahshua(Jesus) was visited by three wise men. i call it assumption because it has no Biblical backing. The story about that visit is recorded in {Matthew 2:1&2}, and after reading that portion you would agree with me. Magi is a team for wise men(men over 60years of age) who read,understand and meditate on the Torah. These Magi(that visited) are jews from Babylon who came to celebrate the feast of tabernacle in Jerusalem. NOTE::: this is a highlight when the complete article is posted you would be informmed.  


  1. This assumption comes from the naming of the three specific gifts which the wise men brought. What isn't clear is did each wise man bring all three gifts or did each wise man bring one of the three gifts? That is the basis of the assumption. It is assumed that each man brought 1 gift, and since only three gifts are named, logic dictates there were three men. Where the logic breaks down is in the assumption that it was 1 man to each gift. There's no reason there couldn't have been 2, 10, or 100 each bringing gold; 2, 10, or 100 each bringing frankincense; and 2, 10, or 100 each bringing Myrrh. Nor is there anything ruling out the possibility that other, less valuable gifts which aren't mentioned could also have been brought which could have hterefor increased the number of men bringing them. And yet, while it is true that the precise number of wise men is an assumption based on assumptions; It is also true that you are assuming with absolutely no factual basis that these assumptions are wrong. Does that make your premise wrong? It definitely makes you headline misleading and false. It very well COULD have been 1 man bringing gold, 1 man bringing frankincense, and 1 man bringing myrrh. For you to state emphatically that it was NOT thus, without a shred of evidence, makes you guilty of the same doctrinal falsehood of which you accuse others.


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