Who is the Messiah

Acts 4:12 the above portion bible makes it clear that there is only name given for the salvation of mankind, irrespective of language that name remains constant. As a proper noun that should remain untranslated, could this name be the celebrated JESUS? To establish the true name of the Messiah which is the name given for the salvation of man one must adhere strictly to scriptural balancing. When I say Scripture I mean the earlier part of the bible, the later not included as both Yahshua and his disciples preached from the Scripture {Matthew 24:15}, {Daniel 9:27}. In the Scripture Yahweh (God) told the Israelites who the saviour is, his name was well defined, So any name we see in the <sub>new testament</sub> which does no agree with that [one] which Yahweh [the author of the Scripture] stipulated in the Scripture cannot be the saving name. The Scripture, letters, writings and epistles must agree because Yahweh (God) is not the author of confusion {1 Corinthians 14:33}

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<dt>In Psalms 72:17, in a well-known world publication co-edition of the king James translation the center reference gives the original Hebrew to read as follows: </dt> <dd> his name shall be as a son to continue his father's name forever and men shall be blessed in him, all nation shall call him blessed.</dd> this text indicates that the Messiah must inherit the name of the father (the Creator) which is Yahweh. In {Matthew 1:21} when the angel appeared. <dd> and she shall bring forth a son and you shall call his name Yahshua for he shall save his people from sin.</dd> In So many translations of the bible "Yahshua" in the above passage is rendered as JESUS, some of those bible will inform in the footnote that Jesus is Greek while joshua(YAHSHUA) is Hebrew eg NIV,Catholic Jerusalem bible 1955. Yahshua (Jesus) by birth is Hebrew, there are no chances that he was called a Greek name at his time. Earlier in this article we denoted that the Messiah would have the attribute of the Creator's name (YAHWEH) in his name. Jesus as a name does not concur with that principle which can only mean that Jesus isn't the name we are looking for. But in {john 5:43} the Messiah stated it clearly that he comes in the name of the father (YAHWEH). During the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the multitude of the disciples said: <dd> praised is the king that comes in the name of YAHWEH, peace in heaven and praise be in the highest.{Luke 19:38}.</dd> When the Messiah was praying for his disciples, he said "holy father protect them by your power of your name, the name you gave me {john 17:11}. {Hebrew 1:4}=>being made So much better than angel, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent than they. Yes! The Messiah inherited his father's name "YAHWEH" ,which will balance the scriptures, that name is YAHWEHOSHUA (Yahshua for short). One notices that all these scriptural verses, letters, epistles, and writings balance themselve when the right name (Yahshua) is substituted, but if you replace that name with another name you alter the meaning, and those text with the substitute name will instantly suggest that the substitute name is greater than the name of the Creator.


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